Community Invovlement & Awards

Community involvement & awards

Foresight Australia - new for old incentive scheme Glebe Eyewear is proud to support the efforts of Foresight Australia through our new for old incentive scheme. Forsight Australia is an organization that arranges overseas aid for the prevention of blindness in developing nations.

Foresight sends recycled glasses to nations where people are unable to afford 'first-hand' glasses or where suitable optometrical care is unavailable to war or poverty. Some of the countries involved include Pakistan, Cambodia, The Solomon Islands and Ghana.

Donate your used glasses to Foresight and we will give you ten percent discount off your next frame purchase.

Glebe Christian Life Community

This is a foundation run by two locals, Heather and Laurie Murphy to assist with support for local underprivileged children.

Glebe Eyewear has been able to make significant donations to assist with programs and donations to families and children in need.

Glebe Chamber of Commerce Business Awards. In December 2000 Glebe Eyewear awarded best customer service in the Glebe Chamber of Commerce Business Awards.

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