Eye Testing

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Eye Testing

With regular eye tests, you can ensure early detection of any potentially harmful eye conditions. Eye examinations are quick, harmless and relatively inexpensive... an investment in your future health. Eye testing can detect eye conditions caused by exposure to the environment. These include:


when the conjunctival tissue in the front part of the eye thickens. It can grow across the cornea and eventually the pupil, causing blindness if it is not surgically removed.


these cause cloudiness in the lens of the eye that can result in blindness. Fortunately these can be easily removed with surgery.

Age-Related Maculopathy (ARM)...

is the damage or breakdown of the eye macula, which is located at the back of the eye. The macula is a very small part of the light sensitive tissue called the retina.

The retina allows central vision while the macula produces fine detailed vision. When ARM damages the macula, reading and other tasks requiring fine vision is more difficult. While damage caused by ARM to the macula is usually permanent and irreversible, it won't cause blindness because some side vision will remain.

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